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"I’d say New Orleans is well on its way to being the hub of entrepreneurship in the South."

Tim Williamson

Co-founder & CEO,
The Idea Village, (Aug 21, 2015)

/The 411

The 2015 Season marked the beginning of a three-year effort to provide direct support to entrepreneurs in New Orleans, convene the entrepreneurial community in New Orleans, identify and fill gaps in the ecosystem, and promote the local entrepreneurial community.

As a result of our efforts, New Orleans Entrepreneur Week is now part of New Orleans’ annual cultural calendar, with a strategic position during the city’s tri-centennial celebrations in 2018. In addition, The Idea Village built upon its’ national reputation as a thought leader in place-based entrepreneur ecosystem development, and is poised to become a global leader.


What started on a cocktail napkin back in 2000 has turned into a global movement. Like a lean startup, The Idea Village has iterated over time to achieve our goals. What began with a small group of emerging leaders and young entrepreneurs seeking to hack the chronic complacency of New Orleans, has become an army of passionate individuals and innovative organizations creating opportunities, choices, and a new generation of leaders. Entrepreneurial leaders are inspiring others and paying it forward with their success.


New Orleans is now in the top 10% of best cities to start a business in the country (WalletHub), with startup activity 56% above the national average (The Data Center). We have been called America’s #1 Biggest Brain Magnet (Forbes), the #2 Best City for Women in Technology (, 1 of the 20 Hottest Startup Hubs in America (The Kauffman Foundation), 1 of the Top 10 Most Inspiring Cities in the World (GOOD Magazine), and the “Coolest Startup City in America” (



To identify, support, and retain entrepreneurial talent in New Orleans.



To create positive change in New Orleans through entrepreneurship.



New Orleans will be the hub of entrepreneurship in the South by 2018.


the following is our impact since 2000


national media has endorsed our work


entrepreneurs have received direct support


in resources have been allocated


including consulting hours & seed capital


in annual revenue is created by our accelerator alumni


jobs have been created by our accelerator alumni



“New Orleans is poised to re-emerge as one of the great startup cities in the country, maybe even the world.”

Steve Case

Co-founder, America Online &
Chair and CEO, Revolution, (May 8, 2015)

/It Takes A Village

On May 8th, I was riding a Mardi Gras float through the Warehouse District with 10 New Orleans entrepreneurs who were pitching their big ideas to celebrated biographer Walter Isaacson and AOL Co-founder Steve Case during Case’s Rise of the Rest tour. After the tour, Mr. Case said, “New Orleans is poised to re-emerge as one of the great startup cities in the country, maybe even the world.”

This is exactly what we envisioned in the Loa Bar 15 years ago…except without the float.

The good news is we have the hard facts to back it up. The Data Center’s New Orleans Index at 10 reported that New Orleans’ entrepreneurial activity is 64% above the national average, and 40% higher than other Southern metros. Forbes named New Orleans “America’s #1 Brain Magnet.” USA Today stated, “The New Orleans entrepreneurial ecosystem may be one of the strongest in the entire country.” Others are starting to see and believe what the 10,585 people saw during New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW) this year: With 43 partners leveraging the NOEW platform, New Orleans has developed an authentic and collaborative ecosystem, led by people who are committed to the future of our city.

The New Orleans ecosystem is producing dynamic entrepreneurial ventures. This summer, we helped introduce the NOLA100, a group of 29 startups that have surpassed $1 million in annual revenues and are leading the entrepreneurial movement in New Orleans. By 2018, this group will grow to one hundred entrepreneurs who will contribute over $1 billion to our city’s GDP and will be deeply engaged in the community.

Though we’ve seen tremendous progress, progress does not equal success. We still have a lot of work to do.

To sustain this momentum moving toward New Orleans’ tri-centennial in 2018, we’ve created a 3-year strategic plan to solidify our efforts in driving the New Orleans entrepreneurial movement. I’d like to acknowledge the IV100, a group of 121 forward-thinking corporations, foundations, and individuals who have committed $4.5 million to making this vision a reality. With their generous support, we will execute our current programs, try new things, and set new goals for 2018. I am also excited to welcome 5 new Board of Directors members, 11 new Chairman Advisory Board members and 6 new employees who will help us achieve these goals.

Together, we have a dream for 2018: New Orleans will be the hub of entrepreneurship in the South.

I invite you to join us for the ride.





The Idea Village Board of Directors

The Idea Village Board includes some of the nation’s most respected business and civic leaders. They guide our efforts and elevate entrepreneurial activity in New Orleans.


David Darragh: Chairman
President & CEO,
Reily Foods Company

John Payne: Vice-Chairman
CEO, Caesars Entertainment Operating Company

Margaret Beer
Marketing/Director of Community Giving, IBERIABANK

Michael Brown
Vice-Chairman & COO, IBERIABANK

Kevin Clifford
CEO, American Funds

Patrick Comer
Founder & CEO, Lucid

Steve “Sig” Greenebaum
CMO, North American Festivals and Live Events, Live Nation

Tara Carter Hernandez
President, JCH Development

Bill Hines
Managing Partner, Jones Walker

Chris Laibe
Founder, StaffInsight

Merritt Lane
President & CEO,
Canal Barge Company, Inc.

Kristin Lemkau
Chief Marketing Officer, J.P.Morgan Chase

Ti Adelaide Martin
Commander’s Palace

Amith Nagarajan
Abstraction Ventures

Wendell Pierce

Tim Ryan

Michael J. Siegel
President & Director of Office Leasing, Corporate Realty

Warner Thomas
CEO, Ochsner Health System

Robbert Vorhoff
Managing Director,
General Atlantic

Tim Williamson
Co-founder & CEO,
The Idea Village

Matthew Wisdom
CEO, TurboSquid, Inc.


Meet The Idea Village Team

The Idea Village team is made up of nuts and nut followers all committed to fostering positive change in New Orleans through entrepreneurship.



Tim Williamson

Co-founder & CEO                                     

Emily Madero


Cameron Adams

Director of Marketing                                                            

Reba Joy Billips




Emily Egan

Director of IDEAVILLAGEx                                                            

Rhea Ghosh

Digital Marketing Manager                                                            

Richard Hébert

Content Production Manager                                                            

Molly Horton




Megan Kepper

Director of Development                                                            

Jon Lindquist

Operations Manager                                                            

Callista Michael-Rill

IDEAVILLAGEx Coordinator                                                            

Kat Milligan

Development Coordinator                                                            



Victoria Adams Phipps

Executive Producer of NOEW                                                     

Charlotte Piper

Manager of Strategic Partnerships

Summer Suleiman

Editor of The Distillery                                                            

Genevieve Tax




The Idea Village Chairman’s Advisory Board

Our honorary advisory committee helps to champion entrepreneurship.

E. Tiffany Adler
COO, Adler’s

Taylor Beery
Principal, Beery Advisors

Allen Bell
Co-founder, The Idea Village

Brian Bordainick
Founder, Dinner Lab

Andre Champagne
Founder, Hollywood Trucks

Kirk Coco
Founder, NOLA Brewing Company

Daryn Dodson
Calvert Funds

Joel Dondis
Founder, Sucré

Sally Forman
Author & Co-founder, The Idea Village

Erik Frank
Founder, Your Nutrition Delivered

Sam Giberga
Senior VP & General Counsel, Hornbeck Offshore Services and Co-founder, The Idea Village

David Guidry
President & CEO, Guico Industries

Yvette Jones
Executive Vice President of University Relations and Development, Tulane University

Sal LaMartina
Founder, Cordina

Brent McCrossen
Founder, AudioSocket

Jen Medbery
Founder, Kickboard

Suzanne Mestayer
CEO, ThirtyNorth Investments

Stephen Perry
CEO, New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau

Kenneth Purcell
Founder, iSeatz

Mark Romig
CEO, New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation

David Sylvester
Partner, Fitzgerald & Rhodes LLP

Jimmy Treuting
CEO, Farm Dog, LLC

Robbie Vitrano
Co-founder, Trumpet, Naked Pizza,
and The Idea Village

Hugh Weber
President, New Jersey Devils




"There is no better city in America to learn the resilience, the persistence and the soul needed to trust crazy ideas than in New Orleans." – Justin Bayer, Welcome to College

We deliver against our mission by executing an annual Entrepreneur Season, a cycle of programs and events that drives entrepreneurial activity in New Orleans. During the 2015 Season, The Idea Village allocated $2,025,370.00 in capital, consulting, and professional resources to support 390 New Orleans-based entrepreneurs. Our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, a team made up of successful entrepreneurs and startup mentors, and business experts provided 7,103+ hours of direct consulting services to local companies through our core programs.



90% of all entrepreneur program survey results indicated that we met or exceed expectations.


100% of IDEAx and CAPITALx participants felt their business was in a stronger position as a result of the programs.



IDEAx is an intensive 12-week accelerator program for New Orleans-based founders focused on creating scalable and fundable businesses. Central to the program is a curated network of global business experts available to participants.

“When we moved to New Orleans with the purpose of growing our business, we knew nobody and found the local scene a tough nut to crack. IDEAx busted it open for us, and treated us to a pecan pie of opportunity. If you’re new to NOLA like we were, or you’re an old-timer who wants to make the most of your connections, The Idea Village is a great place to start. The staff is deeply committed and enthusiastic, the EIRs are brilliant and the program will double whatever you put into it. I can’t imagine where we’d be now if we hadn’t had the chance to participate.”


– Uchechi Kalu, Wedocracy

The 2015 Cohort:
Final IDEAx-treps-for-IR


CAPITALx, an Idea Village initiative in partnership with ecosystem partners, is a 10-week accelerator program for select high-growth, New Orleans-based founders who are actively seeking funding. The goal is to help participants carefully think through opportunities and prepare for raising capital. The program culminates in valuable pitch opportunities during New Orleans Entrepreneur Week including Demo Day @ NOEW and the Coulter IDEApitch. Participation in CAPITALx is by invitation-only.

2015 Season nominating partners included: 4.0 Schools, New Orleans BioInnovation Center,New Orleans Startup Fund, PowerMoves.NOLA, Propeller, and Voodoo Ventures.


Demo Day @ NOEW:

A fast-paced investment pitch featuring select New Orleans founders seeking to scale their companies on a national level through growth capital and strategic partnerships. Featured entrepreneurs included:


“This program took us from a company with big dreams of scale to the HOW of scaling and growth. We truly would not be the company we are without the help of the Idea Village. It truly takes a Village”.

Catherine Todd, Where Y’Art


The Coulter IDEApitch:

The premier entrepreneurs showcase in New Orleans featuring the newest series A ready companies. Our esteemed panel selected Servato as the winner and founder Chris Mangum received an all-expenses-paid trip out to Silicon Valley for investor meetings arranged by TPG. The other 2015 participants included:

2015 Featured Accelerator – The VetLaunch Accelerator

As we continue to solidify our vision of New Orleans becoming the hub of entrepreneurship in the South, catalyzing entrepreneurial activity within strategic local industries and sectors is critical.

In 2015, we teamed up with VetLaunch, a New Orleans-based 501c3 nonprofit organization providing resources to veterans that will help them effectively make the change from military to civilian life, to launch their brand new VetLaunch Accelerator. The program, a nine-week program for up to five veteran-owned businesses in New Orleans, culminated during New Orleans Entrepreneur Week.

The 2015 Cohort:

“My military experience taught me the fundamentals necessary to build a successful business. Thanks to the support from The Idea Village, the VetLaunch Accelerator is positioned to help other veterans learn how to leverage their military backgrounds to launch and scale viable ventures in New Orleans.”

– Robert Armbruster, Retired United States Marine Corps Captain and Founder of VetLaunch


IDEAsessions are 90-minute strategy sessions connecting local entrepreneurs with seasoned executives. The Idea Village hosted 120 IDEAsessions during the 2015 Season.



IDEAinstitute is our weekly series of free workshops, keynotes, and networking events centered on the latest entrepreneurial topics. The 2015 program featured 15 unique sessions from August 2014 – December 2014, leading up to New Orleans Entrepreneur Week.



The Idea Village’s accelerator programs are highly competitive in an effort to identify the most capable entrepreneurs. Of the 180 entrepreneurs that have gone through an accelerator since 2002, 83% are still in business and 91% are still located in New Orleans. Collectively, these entrepreneurs have raised over $75 million in private capital, created over 1,300 jobs, and generate $155 million in annual revenue.

See what some of our IDEAVILLAGEx alumni have been up to below!




New Orleans Entrepreneur Week: "a Coachella for Small Businesses" - Next City (April 10, 2015)

NOEW 2015 was record breaking!


The 7th annual New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW), presented by IBERIABANK, engaged 10,585 entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, students, and community members – a 103% increase in attendance compared to NOEW 2014.

In total, from March 20-27, 2015:

  • 86 events were held in partnership with 43 local and national organizations.
  • 121 of the most innovative entrepreneurial ventures in the New Orleans region were showcased (up from 63 during NOEW 2014.)
    • 81% of this group was new to the NOEW stage
    • 45% of them received direct support from The Idea Village leading up to and during the week.


The week culminated with a record attendance for The Big Idea, the nation’s largest crowd driven pitch event for entrepreneurs, where over 3,000 community members congregated on Fulton Street to allocate $50,300 to 12 emerging startups.








As we look forward to 2016-2017, we anticipate significant growth, and we look to scale this growth in three categories: attendance, investor interest, and corporate interest.



NOEW has become a platform for local startups, attracting investors from around the nation. Investors participating included:



“NOEW is becoming a premier conference for entrepreneurs and investors of every size to learn and share ideas. It’s an incredible opportunity for all of New Orleans and I feel confident we can make this a must do event for every entrepreneur; from the most successful to the most aspirational.”


– Jim Coulter, founding partner of TPG Capital

Partner organizations leveraged the NOEW 2015 platform to host events that encouraged innovation and entrepreneurship in the water, education, arts, food, healthcare, energy, and digital media industries – as well as highlighted entrepreneurial opportunities for women, minorities, veterans, and youth. Partners participating included:

Final IR - NOEW Partners-01


“Entrepreneurship and economic growth are vital to the future of New Orleans, and we have been consistently recognized as one of the best cities in America for entrepreneurs. So, I am pleased that New Orleans Entrepreneur Week has solidified its position on our annual cultural calendar, alongside events such as Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest.”


– New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu

#NOEW2015 received over 39.4 million impressions on Twitter

NOEW 2015 | Headliners & Highlights





IDEAlab is our research and development arm. Central to our mission is the creation and execution of innovative projects that continue to build the entrepreneurial infrastructure in New Orleans, and that provide new revenue streams for The Idea Village. Funders – including innovators, corporations, economic development partners, foundations, and community activists – approach The Idea Village with specific ideas to better the community. Together, we assess those opportunities and develop innovative approaches to bring those ideas to life . Past projects have included: IDEAcorps (2006), Entergy Innovation Center (2009), How They Did It (2009), Water Challenge (2010), and Trust Your Crazy Ideas Challenge (2010).

During the 2015 Season, our strategy with IDEAlab was to connect national networks to New Orleans’ entrepreneurial community. Our IDEAlab projects included:

dra for ir

Connecting Communities

Through a partnership with the Delta Regional Authority, as 45 delegates from across eight states travelled to New Orleans during New Orleans Entrepreneur Week to leverage the great, interactive content, connect with investors, and learn […]

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Connecting NOLA Expats

Launched in 2014, the New Bienville Society (NBS) is an invitation-only initiative focused on identifying national leaders with an indelible emotional link to New Orleans to engage in its future. Bill Hines, Managing Director of […]

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ror ir

Connecting National Thought Leaders

The Rise of the Rest tours are a nationwide effort led by Steve Case, Co-founder of American Online, to showcase – and invest in – entrepreneurs in emerging startup ecosystems across the U.S. The Idea […]

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“At the end of the day, it will not be what the city does to help entrepreneurs, but how entrepreneurs help the city…”



/Donors & Financials

The Idea Village has received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator for a sound fiscal management and commitment to accountability and transparency.

Individuals and organizations invested in The Idea Village’s efforts to support local entrepreneurial talent.


Economic Development Administration


Michele Reynoir & Kevin Clifford
Penny & Jim Coulter


Blackstone Charitable Foundation
Cox Business
Delta Regional Authority
French Market™ Coffee
Harrah’s New Orleans
Jones Walker
LookFar | The Times-Picayune


Downtown Development District
Gillis, Ellis & Baker, Inc.
Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses
Greater New Orleans Foundation
Ochsner Health System
RosaMary Foundation
Stone Pigman Walther Wittmann LLC


ARB Meetings and Events, LLC
Baldwin Haspel Burke & Mayer, LLC
Margaret & Ken Beer
Robert S. Boh
Boysie Bollinger
Chaffe McCall, L.L.P.
The Chicory
Corporate Realty
Goldring Family Foundation
Leslie & Scott Jacobs
Junior Achievement of Greater New Orleans, Inc.
King, Krebs & Jurgens
Elly & Merritt Lane
Ti Martin
Emily & Jordan Marye
New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau
New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation
Pan-American Life Insurance Group
Debra D. & Rick S. Rees
Pixie & Jimmy Reiss
Salesforce Foundation
Second Line Stages
The Selley Foundation Fund
Standard Mortgage Corporation
UPS Connect
Jenny & Robbert Vorhoff


Baptist Community Ministries
Bellwether Technology
Kia & Christian Brown
Leslie & Charles Carriere
Catherine & George Cary
Chaffe & Associates, Inc.
Domain Companies
Freeport McMoRan Foundation
Frilot Forward
Cathy & Walter Isaacson
Caroline & David Johnson
The Kabacoff Family Foundation
KV Workspace
Lowe, Stein, Hoffman, Allweiss & Hauver
Leigh & Robby Moss
mumms® Software
Operating Venture Capital
Machelle & John Payne
Postlethwaite & Netterville
Rouses Market
Amy & Jeffrey Silverman
Hugh Uhalt
Jennifer & Doug Walner
Whitney Bank
Working Californians


Gail & John Bertuzzi
Suzanne & Michael Brown
Edie & David Darragh
Joel Dondis
Shaun & Foster Duncan
Sally & Ron Forman
Alan Franco
Heidi & Tripp Friedler
Jill & Sam Giberga
David Guidry
Maureen & Whit Huguley
John Koerner
Sally & Jay Lapeyre
Leidenheimer Baking Co.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Lewis Fund
Marty Mayer
Sean Meenan
Linda & Michael Miller
Michael Mimeles
Roger Ogden
Alan Philipson
Mr. and Mrs. R. Hunter Pierson
Timothy P. Ryan
Emily & Kevin Ryan
Aimée & Mike Siegel
Suzanne & Michael Mestayer
Linda & Warner Thomas
James Treuting
Mr. and Mrs. St. Denis J. Villere III
Burton White
Ginny Wise & Kevin Wilkins


Barksdale Family Fund
Better Day™ Health
Jackie & Mike Bezos
Carole B. and Kenneth J. Boudreaux Foundation
Ashely & Edgar Bright
Mr. Thomas Coleman
Bennett Davis
Jeanne & Martin De Laureal
Karla & Matthew Diehl
Dinner Lab
Galloway Johnson
Hibernia Bank
Kushner LaGraize, LLC
NOLA Brewing Company
Ork Posters
Place St. Charles
Renaissance RX, LLC
J. Kenneth Saer
Stifel Nicolaus & Co. Inc.
Susco Solutions
Tierra Resources
Tutti Dynamics
Wegmann Dazet & Company
Matt Wisdom


A La Carte Specialty Food
Aguillard Accounting, LLC
Mindy Nunez Airhart
Leslie Almeida
Jon Atkinson
Linda & Neil Baum
Angel & Taylor Beery
Meaghan & Joe Bonavita
John Burris Jr- Legalshield Business Solutions
Cajun Fire Brewing Company
Cameron Cantrelle
Andre Champagne
Dorothy Clyne
Barrett Conrad, CotingaSoft
John Elstrott
Lyn L. Evans
Lulu & Billy Freiberg
Samantha Fritz
Mr. & Mrs. Cres Gardner, Beau Box Real Estate
Mary Margaret & Joe Gorman
Cordula & John Gray
Ricky Green
Jill Harrison
Hertz Investment Group
Tully & Paul Jordan
Keene Kopper
Adrien Lanusse
Mr. & Mrs. Juan Linares
Lois Mailander, MD
Marrero Land & Improvement Association, Ltd.
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Melius
Gabrielle & William Mimeles
Helen Dietz & David Mimeles
Carolyn Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Moss
David Perlis
Peter Mayer Advertising
Pratt Provosty
Peter Ricchiuti
Shelby Russ
Doug Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Saer
William Sizeler
Allison & Pierre Stouse
William Strobel
Sunrise Exploration
SysCom, LLC
Jordan & David Teich
Sara Thomas
Jan & Michael Tilly
Total Synchrony, LLC
Emily & Tyson Vanlandingham
Wade Wilson
Jackie & Richard Yancey


Karen Abell
Cameron & Pierce Adams
Tiffany Adler
Valeria Aguerri
Ahmed Albayoumy
Lacy Allen
Jorge Alsina
Alycia Angle
Paige Arnof-Fenn
Susan & Rupert Barkoff
Juan Barnes Jr
Mary P. Bartholomew
Duncan Bates
Elizabeth Bates
Lauren Baum
Megan Beer
Kingsley Beer
Jonathan Biava
Candice Black
Jessica Blanchard
Julia Bland
David Bode
Elizabeth Boh
Patrick Brennan
Marc Broussard
Damon Burns
Ashley Cangelosi Llewellyn
Benjamin Cappiello
Ashley Carter
Geoffrey Carter
Brenda Case
Alan Case
Meredith Cherney
Leona Christy
Tom Collins
Charlotte Collins
Rebecca Conwell
Kent Cooper
Leigh Cosolito
Sarah Covert
Agustin Crespo
Kevin Curley
Karin Curley
Lydia Cutrer
Mike Davidson
Allison Davis
David DeSchoolmeester
Nicole Dillard
Daryn Dodson
Douglas Downing
Taniecia Duplantis
Blair duQuesnay
Courtney Echols
Emily Egan
William Ellison
Yvette Endom
Amanda Foret
Erik Frank
Peter French
Trey Fruge
Rhea Ghosh
Alexander Girau
Garick Giroir
Katherine Godchaux
Susan Grazer
Cheryl & James Grevemberg
Brandi Guidry
Cecile Hardy
Bjarne Haug
Susan & William Hess
Sarah Hoffman
Nancy Hopper
Viv Huilgol
Isaac Jaben
Angelique Jett
Barbara Johnson
Kimberly Johnson
Jessica Johnston-Myers
Stephanie Kaston
Elyria Kemp
Jessica Kennedy
Megan & David Kepper
Shuchi Khurana
Taina Knox
Joel Kurucar
Christopher Laibe
Gisele Larose
Gay Le Breton
Jimena Leon
Jennifer Lincicum
Sandra Lindquist
Blaine Lindsey
Jared Loftus
Sarah Bartlett & Louis Love
Sarah Mack
Emily Madero
Brent Mahaffey
Alexandra Martin
Josh Mayer
James McCutcheon
Kristen McEntyre
Pat and Bobby McIntyre Family Fund
Meredith McLanahan
Lynn McLean
Brendan Minard
Sarika Mirchandani
Makiyah Moody
Paige and Chep Morrison
Larissa Muetzel
Marianne & Alan Mumford
Nancy Newmark
Kenny Nguyen
Stephen Nutting
Tyler Ortego
Margaret Phelps
Gail & Anthony Psilos
Donald Quintana
Shelley Rainey
Belinda Ramie
Alex Reed
Rita Reed
Jon Renthrope
Michael Ricks
Maggie Robert
Darlene Robert
Sara-Kate Roberts
Michael Rosamond
Caitlin Rudin
Walker Saik
Hugh Sanderford
Shelby Sanderford
John Sanpietro
Harlan Schwartz
Christy Sevante
Allison Shapiro
ED Shedlock
Helen Siegel
Corbett Simons
Vicki Skydell
Emily Smith
Judson Smith
Reginald Smith, III
Sadat Spencer
Garrett Stapp
Camille Terk
Jane Thayer
Sara Thomas
Enrico Toro
Mimi Tsai
Michael Tubbs
Katrina Turillo
Nany & Peter Tuz
Nick Vivion
Margarete Wabnig
Aaron Walker
Mark Waller
Jessica Walther
Jennifer Warden
Lindsey Warren
Darroch Watson
Charles Whited
Nicole Williamson
Christopher Workmon
Julie Young
Flynn Zaiger
John Zimmerman

2015 Season: Revenue & Expenses

The IV 100

The Idea Village is funded by The IV 100, a group of forward thinking corporations, foundations, and individuals committed to making New Orleans the hub of entrepreneurship in the South by 2018.

Final IR Sponsor Pyramid 4.3



/What We See in 2018

In 2018, the world will witness firsthand how New Orleans has activated entrepreneurship as a platform for civic engagement and an agent of social change. It will be a time to measure our progress, envision the future, and inspire others.

New Orleans will once again be a driving force for the country, but it’s only with your support that we can make New Orleans the hub of entrepreneurship in the South. We invite you to join us on our journey.

2018 Vision

It’s March 16, 2018, and the City of New Orleans is in the middle of celebrating its’ tri-centennial. It is the first day of New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, and the NOLA100 entrepreneurs are being recognized for generating $1 billion in GDP for our city. Over 100,000 people convene during the week to celebrate New Orleans as a model city for innovation, entrepreneurship and forward thinking.

This is what they will see:

Entrepreneurship is instilled as part of the New Orleans culture and brand. Our collective efforts over the last 18 years result in an inclusive, self-sustaining entrepreneurial ecosystem where there is a role for everyone in the rhythms and rituals of the entrepreneurial movement. Entrepreneurs find places to meet and mingle with the dense network of talent in all neighborhoods of our community. Serial local entrepreneurs who have had significant financial returns open their doors to mentor new entrepreneurs. A strong professional community dedicated to the business of startups has emerged with professional service providers giving entrepreneurs the support they need to get their businesses started and to scale the operations. Healthy angel networks fund early-stage companies, and venture capital investors set up funds in New Orleans to provide the capital, networks, and expertise to take promising companies to the next level. Entrepreneurs are getting seed funding over drinks at the Loa Bar.

For-profit accelerators accept the best and the brightest start-ups, which in turn stay and grow their businesses in New Orleans. Non-profits collaborate to provide world-class education, consulting, and capital access to encourage and nurture all levels of entrepreneurs through the earliest stages of starting a company. Robust university systems supply the research of new ideas and workforce to support the growing ventures. Corporations solicit entrepreneurial ideas to solve key industry pain points. The philanthropic community utilizes entrepreneurial thinking and venture capital standards to address critical social challenges.

New Orleans Entrepreneur Week has taken its’ place on New Orleans’ annual cultural calendar alongside Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, and Saints season, connecting the world to our community. The NOEW platform generates surplus revenue that funds new gaps in the ecosystem, resulting in a self-sustaining funding source to maintain the entrepreneurial community.

On May 7, 2018, the new Mayor is inaugurated. She announces her commitment to maintaining New Orleans’ status as the hub of entrepreneurship in the South, elevating the Gulf Coast as the third coast of entrepreneurship in the country.

And through it all, New Orleans’ unique culture is strengthened; status quo, divisiveness and complacency are not inclusive of that culture.


In an effort to exemplify the experimental and innovative nature of New Orleans’ entrepreneurs, we chose to tell our 2015 story on an interactive and shareable platform. We hope you enjoyed our creative new way of doing things. Challenging norms and thinking outside the box is what drives our progress. We’ve got a lot more crazy ideas. If you want us to keep going, click below.



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